This oak table was purposely made so the customer could sit down then pull the table towards their chair at meal time as opposed to trying to sit down then jump the chair up to the table. This was required to support their additional manoeuvrability requirements.

On discussion with the client at the initial survey it was discussed that the wooden table had to be strong enough to lean on when getting up at the end of a meal without tipping over.

Wooden Table CheshireMaking a strong table was no problem and we took exact measurements so the table perfectly fitted the chair height. We put adjustable rubber feet on the bottom of the table legs so it could be dragged really easily.

This natural wood table was made from solid oak and worked well to provide tailored assistance for our customer. After receiving the table he said that he did not know how he had ever managed without it.

This is the incredible element of creating bespoke furniture. Not only does it allow us the opportunity to create unique pieces but it allows us to provide valuable products that are custom-made to help offer ease to clients that need it.

This may seem like something small but when discussing such products with our valued clients, it becomes quickly evident that it can make a real change towards improving their lives and independence.

If you would like to discuss bespoke table designs we would invite you to call us on 01477 668563; we are able to discuss decorative elements and other personalised features. This is an ever-expanding aspect of our business that we take great pride in.