We work with different types of wood, however, being Oak Suppliers means that we are well-versed in all key facts relating to this wood. If you are looking to source Oak, please take a minute to view our Oak Supply page or contact us today to discuss the products we have.

Oak and in fact other wood types are fascinating as they are all individual and all provide different elements that produce a product that is completely tailored to its intended use.

  • Oak is a dense timber which means that it has extremely good natural strength. Oak is used for many products, however, its density means that it is also frequently used for structural projects.
  • Oak Products CheshireIf maintained correctly a piece of oak furniture should last a lifetime. Even a product that is produced to the highest of standards requires ongoing maintenance to ensure its lifespan. Ensuring that the oak pieces are correctly maintained not only keeps them looking great, but will ensure that they are not privy to rot.
  • Oak is available in a grading system. How is this achieved? A highest grade oak will have regularity in its colour, it will have very few knots or blemishes so looks aesthetically pleasing. A mid-range oak board may have a few visible knots, however will likely be clear from other defects. A low-range oak will have knots, defects and other visible imperfections. Although this is officially graded as a lower-grade Oak, products made with this type can produce a bespoke and characteristic piece.

The level to which we study oak means that we are even able to provide information and advice on the best ironmongery that will compliment your project. As a natural product, wood can work to corrode any fixings so it is vital that you are informed about the best options available to make sure that corrosion is prevented.

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