Wooden shelves are possibly the easiest way to add accessible storage within any room. Design can be tweaked in order to match the existing décor of the room. Whether you are looking for shelves for a laundry room, home office or play room, there is a solution that will best-match your individual requirements.

Why Choose Us?

Installation of wooden shelving can often look straightforward. There are, however, many elements that can pose challenges throughout the process. This shows why it is so important to source a high-quality product at the first instance.

This means that the likelihood of a successful and straightforward installation is possible. Whether you are looking to install floating shelves or fixed shelving the most important thing is to ensure the boards are level.

This sounds easy, doesn’t it? Unfortunately it isn’t. There are many different factors that can influence this process and it is often time-served experience that allows us to tailor our approach.

We can offer:

  • We source the finest oak available to create the highest quality products
  • Professional fitting and installation
  • A service provided with the addition of an exceptional customer service
  • A tailored design
  • Time-served advice and expertise

It may be that you have a design in mind. At the point of the quotation process we will always offer information and advice that will ensure that the best-possible result is achieved.

Wood shelves do not have to be standard in their design. Shelving offers an opportunity to add character to a room and our bespoke service offers the ideal solution.

If you are considering a joinery project we would ask that you make contact to enquire. Please call today on 07887 987427; we will always answer your enquiry in a timely manner and will endeavour to do all we can to offer a service that is second-to-none.