Floating shelves are extremely popular and look absolutely incredible in situ. It is really important to source high-quality materials. Why is this?

High-Quality Oak will –

  • Look better
  • Last longer
  • Age better
  • Withstand temperature and moisture fluctuations better

These points cover the reasons why it is important, if possible, to invest in the best quality possible within your required budget.

As you can imagine, the quality materials need to be installed correctly. We recently mounted this floating shelf in Toft. It was made from a solid oak worktop. This was a standard kitchen worktop that was 40mm thick.

floating oak shelfIMPORTANT INFORMATION: when installing floating shelves it is important to consider the location. A floating shelf needs to be on a sturdy wall, preferably an external wall. This offers assurance if using the shelf practically.

The weight of the oak plank needs to be adequately supported so that it can withstand use. Floating shelves look as though they are simply floating on the wall. All support is managed in the centre of the boards, hidden away from sight.

If the wall is unable to support the weight it can mean that the shelf will at some point fall. When we fit these types of shelves we make sure to consider all necessary aspects.

Oak will naturally gain character as it ages. It may alter in its colouration slightly, it will likely experience wear and tear and it will blend with its setting.

Oak shelving is available in many different variations. It may be that you are looking for a thicker or thinner oak plank or a wider board. Either way all variations are available from Squirrel Joinery. We offer a tailored service which is formed to offer bespoke solutions.

If you would like to enquire about oak shelves please feel free to contact us today on 07887 987427. We are happy to discuss your options and will guide you through to the conclusion of your joinery project.