Solid oak exterior doors are statement pieces that can transform the look of your home instantly. Oak as a product is very durable and versatile. The design options that you have are wide-ranging because our pieces are bespoke.

When cared for correctly an oak door can last a lifetime. It is so important that you receive the right care information from your chosen joiner. This will ensure that the wooden door has every opportunity to stand the test of time.

We made this solid oak door for a customer who had a larger than standard front door opening. The customer had some ideas and plans of what they liked and with close communication we achieved the perfect door for them.

The door was made with American oak and finished with oil. Prior to the Ironmongery being fitted, the holes were cut out and oiled so no bare wood is ever exposed. It is little touches like this that can really make the difference.

Why Choose Squirrel Joinery?

  • Solid Oak doors CheshireWe can provide 100% solid oak front doors
  • We are environmentally conscious
  • We use traditional construction methods
  • We go the extra mile to offer our expert advice

Our front doors are made using traditional methods and techniques and designed specifically to match your requirements. This skilled and crafted approach forms part of our ethos and provides true value for money.

What is right for one property may not be for another and your decision-making may take into account:

  • The overall cost of the door
  • The routine maintenance required
  • The way that it looks
  • Its ability to offer added insulation properties

If you are considering fitting an oak wooden door to your home or property please allow us the opportunity to provide you with a quotation. Contact us today on 07887 987427.