Oak Porch Designs Cheshire

Oak porches can transform the frontage of a property. Not only will it create unique character, it will also add value and appeal to your home. We are all looking for ways in which we can effectively add personal touches to our home and a new porch is a brilliant consideration.

Wooden Porch CheshireThere are a huge range of porch designs available. These range from simple designs to the most incredible constructions. Either way we will help you to create a design that meets your aesthetic needs as well as your […]

Wonderful Wood Finishes

Wood products are incredible. There is no getting away from the fact that they create a unique piece that will undoubtedly be talked about. Alongside this fact, they will stand the test of time in their timeless appeal.

Bespoke Design CheshireThat being said, it is important to be well-informed about wood finish products. Wood is a natural product that effectively needs protecting. When a piece is created it will be finished with a product that appropriately compliments its use.

We are always on hand to offer detailed advice about wood finishes and the […]

Bespoke Furniture Vs. Standard Wooden Alternatives

Oak bookcase CheshireIt is likely that if you are considering a joinery project that you will have the battle between bespoke furniture and store-purchased, standardised alternatives. What are some of the key considerations?

  • The difference in price
  • The time needed to order and make
  • The quality of the finishes achieved

The following information has been compiled in order to offer you an insight into the benefits of selecting bespoke furniture.

Bespoke wooden furniture is expertly created in order to fit exact requirements. This means that furniture can be created to fit in […]

Why You Should Buy Oak from Us

We first started to sell oak because we soon realised how challenging it was to purchase small amounts of oak. When completing a home project or looking to source quality oak, you are very limited to where you are able to buy oak from.

This is essentially because the market is set up for huge companies who are looking to source oak on a large scale. This is not always the case and then means that you are put in the position where you have to purchase more oak than is necessary to complete your project. This has cost implications […]

Beautiful Bespoke Storage

Further to completing the wooden cupboards in bedroom 1 in Tarporley we were then asked to complete more bespoke furniture for bedroom 2.

Fitted Storage TarporleyThe approach to this job was slight different as the bulk of the units were low level. All of the measurements for the framework were the same as bedroom 1. The doors were of the same construction, however, the units were designed so they could be used for computers as monitors.

There was also a focus on creating valuable storage in the room as well so this was […]

Oak Cupboard Tarporley

We were asked to make some bespoke oak furniture for a client in Tarporley. They wanted the old plywood doored furniture taking away and replaced with something fresh. They made it clear that it had to be in keeping with the thatched cottage look.

Oak cupboard CheshireAs this was an old cottage we had some fun trying to find a level point to start with and a wall that was plumb. Because of that reason and the fact that the staircase was tiny we jointed the frame work on site. We […]

Bespoke Oak Furniture Alderley Edge

It is all too frequent that we receive calls from clients looking for bespoke units as there appears to be nothing available to suit their requirements. Often if your measurements are non-flexible and you are looking for a particular style; bespoke furniture is your only way forward.

Bespoke in its very description is made-to-measure and is created skilfully to satisfy your individual requirements. Dimensions and designs can be tweaked until the ideal solution is identified.

Oak wardrobe Alderley EdgeThis image shows a unit that was produced for a client in Alderley […]

Wooden Shelves; Why Choose Us

Wooden shelves are possibly the easiest way to add accessible storage within any room. Design can be tweaked in order to match the existing décor of the room. Whether you are looking for shelves for a laundry room, home office or play room, there is a solution that will best-match your individual requirements.

Why Choose Us?

Installation of wooden shelving can often look straightforward. There are, however, many elements that can pose challenges throughout the process. This shows why it is so important to source a high-quality product at the first instance.

This means that the likelihood of a successful and straightforward […]

Oak Shelves Holmes Chapel

Oak shelving has always been popular, however, we are seeing a definite resurgence recently. It seems as if trends have altered slightly. Not so long ago interior design was all about clean lines and minimalism.

Home owners are now getting more creative with their interiors. Oak shelves have definitely been part of this evolving trend. This means that individuals are now able to inject their personality into their décor.

floating shelvesSquirrel Joinery offer a bespoke shelving service. Our requirements are individual so we make it possible to tailor your design to fit […]

Oak Floating Shelves Cheshire

Floating shelves are extremely popular and look absolutely incredible in situ. It is really important to source high-quality materials. Why is this?

High-Quality Oak will –

  • Look better
  • Last longer
  • Age better
  • Withstand temperature and moisture fluctuations better

These points cover the reasons why it is important, if possible, to invest in the best quality possible within your required budget.

As you can imagine, the quality materials need to be installed correctly. We recently mounted this floating shelf in Toft. It was made from a solid oak worktop. This was a standard kitchen worktop that was 40mm thick.