Oak furniture is the utmost luxury and it oozes style. This garden furniture was made for a client on Legh Road in Knutsford. They made contact through our website; they had seen their ideal wood furniture and had taken images of it. They wanted to know whether it would be possible to recreate the furniture exactly like the photos and to the exact size.

Oak_Wood_Knutsford Bespoke Joiners CheshireThe wooden garden furniture was all made out of kiln dried solid oak and finished to an oiled finish. We offer detailed information and advice about wood finishes that are available.

Tastes are personal and individual and it is important that we achieve the desired look when creating bespoke pieces. We also make sure that we achieve a long-lasting wood finish that ensures your outside furniture will stand the test of time.

It took many hours of making and planing in our workshop with regular conversations with the customer as the project unfolded. The planed, rough sawn combination gave the rustic feel that our client was looking for. The job ran smoothly and the wooden garden furniture was delivered on the promised date to an overwhelmed customer.

Bespoke Garden Furniture Knutsford Bespoke Furniture Knutsford







They placed their finished pieces at the back of their property in their recreation area alongside their outside bar and tennis court. The bespoke oak furniture appropriately complemented its surroundings and offered our customer statement furniture.

Bespoke Garden Furniture CheshireWe really take pride in our work and make sure that we take the time to discuss fully each clients’ requests when taking on bespoke joinery projects.

We combine this with skilled craftsmanship and the constant strive to offer brilliant results. This sets us apart from our competition. The images show the process of making the furniture through to completion.

If you have any questions about producing bespoke oak chairs, oak benches or any bespoke garden furniture, we invite you to call Squirrel Joinery on 07887 987427.